Auth Method

This page allows you to configure how a user is authenticated when he logs into the switchstack via one of the management client interfaces.

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Object Description
Client The management client for which the configuration below applies.
Methods Method can be set to one of the following values:
  • no: Authentication is disabled and login is not possible.
  • local: Use the local user database on the switch/stack for authentication.
  • radius: Use remote RADIUS server(s) for authentication.
  • tacacs+: Use remote TACACS+ server(s) for authentication.

Methods that involve remote servers are timed out if the remote servers are offline, and the next method is tried (from left to right) and continues until a method either approves or rejects a user. If a remote server is used for primary authentication, we recommend configuring the secondary authentication as "local." This will enable the management client to log in via the local user database if none of the configured authentication servers are alive.

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