DHCP Server Statistics

This page displays the database counters and the number of DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) messages sent and received by DHCP server.

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Object Description
Database Counters
Pool Number of pools.
Excluded IP Address Number of excluded IP address ranges.
Declined IP Address Number of declined IP addresses.
Binding Counters
Automatic Binding Number of bindings with network-type pools.
Manual Binding Number of bindings that administrator assigns an IP address to a client. That is, the pool is of host type.
Expired Binding Number of bindings that their lease time expired or they are cleared from Automatic/Manual type bindings.
DHCP Message Received Counters
DISCOVER Number of DHCP DISCOVER messages received.
REQUEST Number of DHCP REQUEST messages received.
DECLINE Number of DHCP DECLINE messages received.
RELEASE Number of DHCP RELEASE messages received.
INFORM Number of DHCP INFORM messages received.
DHCP Message Sent Counters
OFFER Number of DHCP OFFER messages sent.
ACK Number of DHCP ACK messages sent.
NAK Number of DHCP NAK messages sent.
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