Global Config

This page allows you to configure the basic GVRP Configuration settings for all switch ports.

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Object Description
GVRP Protocol timers Join-time is a value (range 1 – 20) in the units of centiseconds; that is, in units of one hundredth of a second. The default is 20.

Leave-time is a value in the range 60 – 300 in the units of centiseconds, The default is 60.

LeaveAll-time is a value in the range 1000 – 5000 in the units of centiseconds. The default is 1000.

Max number of VLANs When GVRP is enabled a maximum number of VLANs supported by GVRP is specified. Default is 20. This number can only be changed when GVRP is turned off.
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