Image Select

This page provides information about the active and alternate (backup) firmware images in the device, and allows you to revert to the alternate image.

The web page displays two tables with information about the active and alternate firmware images.



In case the active firmware image is the alternate image, only the Active Image table is shown. In this case, the Activate Alternate Image button is also disabled.

If the alternate image is active (due to a corruption of the primary image or by manual intervention), uploading a new firmware image to the device will automatically use the primary image slot and activate this.

The firmware version and date information may be empty for older firmware releases. This does not constitute an error.

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Object Description
Image The flash index name of the firmware image. The name of primary (preferred) image is image, the alternate image is named image.bk.
Version The version of the firmware image.
Data The date where the firmware was produced.
../Graphics/activate_alt_image.png Use the alternate image. This button may be disabled depending on system state.
../Graphics/cancel.png Cancel activating the backup image. You will be navigatede away from this page.