LACP Aggregation

This page allows you to inspect the current LACP port configurations, and possibly change them as well.

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Object Description
Port The switch port number.
LACP Enabled Controls whether LACP is enabled on this switch port. LACP will form an aggregation when two or more ports are connected to the same partner.
Key The Key value incurred by the port (range 1 – 65535). The Auto setting will set the key as appropriate by the physical link speed, 10Mb = 1, 100Mb = 2, 1Gb = 3. Using the Specific setting, a user-defined value can be entered. Ports with the same Key value can participate in the same aggregation group, while ports with different keys cannot.
Role The Role shows the LACP activity status. The Active will transmit LACP packets each second, while Passive will wait for a LACP packet from a partner (speak if spoken to).
Timeout The Timeout controls the period between BPDU transmissions. Fast will transmit LACP packets each second, while Slow will wait for 30 seconds before sending a LACP packet.
Prio The Prio controls the priority of the port. If the LACP partner wants to form a larger group than is supported by this device then this parameter will control which ports will be active and which ports will be in a backup role. Lower number means greater priority.
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