Loop Protection

This page allows you to inspect the current Loop Protection configurations, and possibly change them as well.

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Object Description
General Settings
Enable Loop Protection Controls whether loop protections is enabled (as a whole).
Transmission Time The interval between each loop protection PDU sent on each port. Valid values are 1 – 10 seconds.
Shutdown Time The period (in seconds) for which a port will be kept disabled in the event of a loop is detected (and the port action shuts down the port). Valid values are 0 – 604800 seconds (7 days). A value of zero will keep a port disabled (until next device restart).
Port Configuration
Port The switch port number of the port.
Enable Controls whether loop protection is enabled on this switch port.
Action Configures the action performed when a loop is detected on a port. Valid values are Shutdown Port, Shutdown Port and Log or Log Only.
Tx Mode Controls whether the port is actively generating loop protection PDUs, or whether it is just passively looking for looped PDUs.
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