MAC-based VLAN

The MAC-based VLAN (Virtual LAN) entries can be configured here. This page allows for adding and deleting MAC-based VLAN entries and assigning the entries to different ports. This page shows only static entries.

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Object Description
Delete To delete a MAC-based VLAN entry, check this box and click save. The entry will be deleted in the stack.
MAC Address Indicates the MAC address.
VLAN ID Indicates the VLAN ID.
Port Members A row of check boxes for each port is displayed for each MAC-based VLAN entry. To include a port in a MAC-based VLAN, check the box. To remove or exclude the port from the MAC-based VLAN, make sure the box is unchecked. By default, no ports are members, and all boxes are unchecked.
Adding a New MAC-based VLAN Click Add New Entry to add a new MAC-based VLAN entry. An empty row is added to the table, and the MAC-based VLAN entry can be configured as needed. Any unicast MAC address can be configured for the MAC-based VLAN entry. No broadcast or multicast MAC addresses are allowed. Valid VLAN ID values are 1 – 4095.

The MAC-based VLAN entry is enabled when you click on Save. A MAC-based VLAN without any port members will be deleted when you click Save.

The Delete button can be used to undo the addition of new MAC-based VLANs.

The maximum possible MAC-based VLAN entries are limited to 256.

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../_Common/../Graphics/reset_new.png Undo any changes and revert to previously saved values.