MAC Table

The MAC Address Table is configured on this page. Set timeouts for entries in the dynamic MAC Table and configure the static MAC table here.

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Object Description
Aging Configuration
Disable Automatic Aging Disable the automatic aging of dynamic entries by ticking the item.
Aging Time Enter a value in seconds. Valid values are 10 – 1000000 seconds.
MAC Table Learning
Auto Learning is done automatically as soon as a frame with unknown SMAC is received.
Disable No learning is done.
Secure Only static MAC entries are learned, all other frames are dropped.
Note: Make sure that the link used for managing the switch is added to the Static Mac Table before changing to secure learning mode, otherwise the management link is lost and can only be restored by using another non-secure port or by connecting to the switch via the serial interface.
Static MAC Table Learning
Delete Check to delete the entry. It will be deleted during the next save.
VLAN (Virtual LAN) ID The VLAN ID of the entry.
MAC Address The MAC address of the entry.
Port Members Checkmarks indicate which ports are members of the entry. Check or uncheck as needed to modify the entry.
../_Common/../Graphics/add_new_static_entry.png Add a new entry to the static MAC table. Specify the VLAN ID, MAC address, and port members for the new entry.
../_Common/../Graphics/save_new.png Save changes.
../_Common/../Graphics/reset_new.png Undo any changes and revert to previously saved values.