MAC Table

Each page shows up to 999 entries from the MAC table, default being 20, selected through the entries per page input field. When first visited, the web page will show the first 20 entries from the beginning of the MAC Table. The first displayed will be the one with the lowest VLAN (Virtual LAN) ID and the lowest MAC address found in the MAC Table.

The Start from MAC Address and VLAN input fields allow you to select the starting point in the MAC Table. Clicking the Refresh button will update the displayed table starting from that or the closest next MAC Table match. In addition, the two input fields will, upon a Refresh button click, assume the value of the first displayed entry, allowing for continuous refresh with the same start address.

The ../Graphics/update-table-ending-last-entry.png will use the last entry of the currently displayed VLAN/MAC address pairs as a basis for the next lookup. When the end is reached, No more entries shows in the displayed table. Use the ../Graphics/update-table-first-entry.png button to start over.

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Object Description
Switch (stack only) The stack unit where the entry is learned.
Type Indicates whether the entry is a static or a dynamic entry.
MAC Address The MAC address of the entry.
VLAN The VLAN ID of the entry.
Port Members The ports that are members of the entry.
../_Common/../Graphics/auto_refresh.png Refresh the page automatically every three seconds.
../_Common/../Graphics/refresh.png Refresh the page immediately. Any non-committed changes will be lost.
../_Common/../Graphics/clear.png Clear all statistics or dynamic entries.
../_Common/../Graphics/update-table-first-entry.png Update the table starting from the first entry in the table.
../_Common/../Graphics/update-table-ending-last-entry.png Update the table starting with the entry after the last entry currently displayed.