Configure port mirroring on this page. To debug network problems, selected traffic can be copied, or mirrored, on a mirror port where a frame analyzer can be attached to analyze the frame flow.

The traffic to be copied on the mirror port is selected as follows:
  • All frames received on a given port (also known as ingress or source mirroring).
  • All frames transmitted on a given port (also known as egress or destination mirroring).
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Object Description
Port to mirror Port to mirror also known as the mirror port. Frames from ports that have either source (rx) or destination (tx) mirroring enabled are mirrored on this port. Disabled disables mirroring.
Port The logical port for the settings contained in the same row.
Mode Select a mirror mode:
  • Rx only: Frames received on this port are mirrored on the mirror port. Frames transmitted are not mirrored.
  • Tx only" Frames transmitted on this port are mirrored on the mirror port. Frames received are not mirrored.
  • Disabled: Neither frames transmitted nor frames received are mirrored.
  • Enabled: Frames received and frames transmitted are mirrored on the mirror port.
Note: For a given port, a frame is only transmitted once. It is therefore not possible to mirror mirror port Tx frames. Because of this, mode for the selected mirror port is limited to Disabled or Rx only.
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