MSTI Mapping

This page allows you to inspect the current STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) MSTI bridge instance priority configurations, and possibly change them as well.

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Object Description
Configuration Identification
Configuration Name The name identifying the VLAN (Virtual LAN) to MSTI mapping. Bridges must share the name and revision (see below), as well as the VLAN-to-MSTI mapping configuration in order to share spanning trees for MSTIs (Intra-region). The name is at most 32 characters.
Configuration Revision The revision of the MSTI configuration named above. Valid integers are 0 – 65535.
MSTI Mapping
MSTI The bridge instance. The CIST is not available for explicit mapping, as it will receive the VLANs not explicitly mapped.
VLANs Mapped The list of VLANs mapped to the MSTI. The VLANs can be given as a single (xx, xx being 1 – 4094) VLAN, or a range (xx-yy), each of which must be separated with comma and/or space. A VLAN can only be mapped to one MSTI. An unused MSTI should just be left empty (that is, not having any VLANs mapped to it). Example: 2,5,20-40.
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