This page allows you to issue ICMPv6 PING packets to troubleshoot IPv6 connectivity issues.

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Object Description
IP Address The destination IP Address.
Ping Length The payload size of the ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) packet. Values range from 2 bytes to 1452 bytes.
Ping Count The count of the ICMP packet. Values range from 1 time to 60 times.
Ping Interval The interval of the ICMP packet. Values range from 0 second to 30 seconds.
Egress Interface (only for IPv6) The VLAN (Virtual LAN) ID (VID) of the specific egress IPv6 interface which ICMP packet goes.

The given VID ranges from 1 to 4094 and will be effective only when the corresponding IPv6 interface is valid.
When the egress interface is not given, PING6 finds the best match interface for destination.

Do not specify egress interface for loopback address.

Do specify egress interface for link-local or multicast address.

../_Common/../Graphics/start.png Start transmitting ICMP packets.
../_Common/../Graphics/new_ping.png Re-start diagnostics with PING.