Port Power Savings

This page allows you to configure the port power savings features.

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Object Description
Port Power Savings Configuration
Optimize EEE for The switch can be set to optimize EEE for either best power saving or least traffic latency.
Port Configuration
Port The switch port number of the logical port.
ActiPHY Link down power savings enabled.

ActiPHY works by lowering the power for a port when there is no link. The port is power up for short moment in order to determine if a cable is inserted.

PerfectReach Cable length power savings enabled. PerfectReach works by determining the cable length and lowering the power for ports with short cables.
EEE Controls whether EEE is enabled for this switch port.

For maximizing power savings, the circuit isn't started once transmit data is ready for a port, but is queued until a burst of data is ready to be transmitted. This will give some traffic latency.

If desired, it is possible to minimize the latency for specific frames, by mapping the frames to a specific queue (with QoS (Quality of Service)), and then mark the queue as urgent. When an urgent queue gets data to be transmitted, the circuits will be powered up immediately and the latency will be reduced to the wakeup time.

EEE Urgent Queues Queues set will activate transmission of frames as soon as data is available. Otherwise, the queue will postpone transmission until a burst of frames can be transmitted.
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