Port Statistics

This page provides an overview of all LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) traffic.

Two types of counters are shown. Global counters are counters that refer to the whole stack, switch, while local counters refer to per port counters for the currently selected switch.

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Object Description
Global Counters
Neighbor entries were last change Shows the time when the last entry was last deleted or added. It also shows the time elapsed since the last change was detected.
Total Neighbors Entries Added Shows the number of new entries added since switch reboot.
Total Neighbors Entries Deleted Shows the number of new entries deleted since switch reboot.
Total Neighbors Entries Dropped Shows the number of LLDP frames dropped due to the entry table being full.
Total Neighbors Entries Aged Out Shows the number of entries deleted due to Time-To-Live expiring.
Local Counters
Local Port The port on which LLDP frames are received or transmitted.
Tx Frames The number of LLDP frames transmitted on the port.
Rx Frames The number of LLDP frames received on the port.
Rx Errors The number of received LLDP frames containing some kind of error.
Frames Discarded If a LLDP frame is received on a port, and the switch's internal table has run full, the LLDP frame is counted and discarded. This situation is known as “Too Many Neighbors” in the LLDP standard. LLDP frames require a new entry in the table when the Chassis ID or Remote Port ID is not already contained within the table. Entries are removed from the table when a given port's link is down, an LLDP shutdown frame is received, or when the entry ages out.
TLVs Discarded Each LLDP frame can contain multiple pieces of information, known as TLVs (Type Length Values). If a TLV is malformed, it is counted and discarded.
TLVs Unrecognized The number of well-formed TLVs, but with an unknown type value.
Org. Discarded If LLDP frame is received with an organizationally TLV, but the TLV is not supported the TLV is discarded and counted.
Age-Outs Each LLDP frame contains information about how long time the LLDP information is valid (age-out time). If no new LLDP frame is received within the age out time, the LLDP information is removed, and the Age-Out counter is incremented.
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../_Common/../Graphics/clear.png Clear the local counters. All counters (including global counters) are cleared upon reboot.