Port Status

This page provides a status overview for LACP status for all ports.

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Object Description
Port The switch port number.
LACP 'Yes' means that LACP is enabled and the port link is up. 'No' means that LACP is not enabled or that the port link is down. 'Backup' means that the port could not join the aggregation group but will join if other port leaves. Meanwhile it's LACP status is disabled.
Key The key assigned to this port. Only ports with the same key can aggregate together.
Aggr ID The Aggregation ID assigned to this aggregation group. IDs 1 and 2 are GLAGs while IDs 3-14 are LLAGs.
Partner System ID The partner's System ID (MAC address).
Partner Port The partner's port number connected to this port.
Partner Prio The partner's port priority.
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