Privilege Level

This page provides an overview of the privilege levels.

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Object Description
Group Name The name identifying the privilege group. In most cases, a privilege level group consists of a single module (e.g., LACP, RSTP or QoS (Quality of Service)), but a few of them may contain more than one.

The following description defines these privilege level groups in details:

  • System: Contact, Name, Location, Time zone, Daylight Saving Time, Log.
  • Security: Authentication, System Access Management, Port (contains Dot1x port, MAC based and the MAC Address Limit), ACL (Access Control List), HTTPS, SSH, ARP Inspection, IP source guard.
  • IP: Everything except 'ping'.
  • Port: Everything except 'VeriPHY'.
  • Diagnostics: 'ping' and 'VeriPHY'.
  • Maintenance:
    • CLI — System Reboot, System Restore Default, System Password, Configuration Save, Configuration Load, and Firmware Load.
    • Web — Users, Privilege Levels, and everything in Maintenance.
  • Debug: Only present in CLI.
Privilege Levels Every group has an authorization privilege level for the following sub groups: configuration read-only, configuration/execute read-write, status/statistics read-only, status/statistics read-write (e.g., for clearing of statistics).

User privilege should be same or greater than the authorization Privilege level to have access to that group.

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