QCL Status

This page shows the QCL status by different QCL users. Each row describes the QCE that is defined. It is a conflict if a specific QCE is not applied to the hardware due to hardware limitations. The maximum number of QCEs is 256 on each switch.

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Object Description
User Indicates the QCL user.
QCE Indicates the QCE id.
Port Indicates the list of ports configured with the QCE.
Frame Type Indicates the type of frame. Possible values are:
  • Any: Match any frame type.
  • Ethernet: Match EtherType frames.
  • LLC: Match (LLC) frames.
  • SNAP: Match (SNAP) frames.
  • IPv4: Match IPv4 frames.
  • IPv6: Match IPv6 frames
Action Indicates the classification action taken on ingress frame if parameters configured are matched with the frame's content.

Possible actions are:

  • CoS: Classify Class of Service.
  • DPL: Classify Drop Precedence Level.
  • DSCP: Classify DSCP value.
Conflict Displays Conflict status of QCL entries. As H/W resources are shared by multiple applications. It may happen that resources required to add a QCE may not be available, in that case it shows conflict status as 'Yes'; otherwise, it is always 'No'.
Note: Conflict can be resolved by releasing the H/W resources required to add QCL entry using the Resolve Conflict button.
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../Graphics/combined.png Select the QCL status from the drop-down menu.
../Graphics/resolve_conflict.png Release the resources required to add QCL entry, in case the conflict status for any QCL entry is 'yes'.