Bridge Settings

This page allows you to configure STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) system settings. The settings are used by all STP Bridge instances in the Switch

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Object Description
Basic Settings
Protocol Version The MSTP (Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol) / RSTP / STP protocol version setting. Valid values are STP, RSTP and MSTP.
Bridge Priority Controls the bridge priority. Lower numeric values have better priority. The bridge priority plus the MSTI instance number, concatenated with the 6-byte MAC address of the switch forms a Bridge Identifier.

For MSTP operation, this is the priority of the CIST. Otherwise, this is the priority of the STP/RSTP bridge

Forward Delay The delay used by STP Bridges to transit Root and Designated Ports to Forwarding (used in STP compatible mode). Valid values are 4 – 30 seconds.
Max Age The maximum age of the information transmitted by the Bridge when it is the Root Bridge. Valid values are 6 – 40 seconds
Maximum Hop Count This defines the initial value of remaining Hops for MSTI information generated at the boundary of an MSTI region. It defines how many bridges a root bridge can distribute its BPDU information to. Valid values are 6 – 40 hops.
Transmit Hold Count The number of BPDUs a bridge port can send per second. When exceeded, transmission of the next BPDU will be delayed. Valid values are 1 – 10 BPDUs per second.
Advanced Settings
Edge Port BPDU Filtering Control whether a port explicitly configured as Edge will transmit and receive BPDUs.
Edge Port BPDU Guard Control whether a port explicitly configured as Edge will disable itself upon reception of a BPDU. The port will enter the error-disabled state, and will be removed from the active topology.
Port Error Recovery Control whether a port in the error-disabled state automatically will be enabled after a certain time. If recovery is not enabled, ports have to be disabled and re-enabled for normal STP operation. The condition is also cleared by a system reboot.
Port Error Recovery Timeout The time to pass before a port in the error-disabled state can be enabled. Valid values are 30 – 86400 seconds (24 hours).
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