System Alarm Profile

Alarm Profile is provided here to enable/disable alarm.

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When any alarm exists, the Alarm LED will be on (lighted), and the Alarm Output Relay will also be enabled.
Object Description
ID The identification of the Alarm Profile entry.
Description Alarm Type description.
Enabled If alarm entry is Enabled, then alarm will be shown in alarm history/current when it occurs. Alarm LED will be on (lighted), Alarm Relay also be enabled. SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) trap will be sent if any SNMP trap entry exists and enabled.
Disabled If alarm entry is Disabled, alarm will not be captured/shown in alarm history/current when alarm occurs. It will not trigger the Alarm LED change, Alarm Relay, and SNMP trap either.
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../_Common/../Graphics/reset_new.png Undo any changes and revert to previously saved values.