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Object Description
Server Mode Indicates the server mode operation. When the mode operation is enabled, the syslog message will send out to syslog server. The syslog protocol is based on UDP communication and received on UDP port 514 and the syslog server will not send acknowledgments back sender since UDP is a connectionless protocol and it does not provide acknowledgments. The syslog packet will always send out even if the syslog server does not exist.

Possible modes are:

  • Enabled: Enable server mode operation.
  • Disabled: Disable server mode operation.
Server Address Indicates the IPv4 host address of syslog server. If the switch provides DNS feature, it also can be a host name.
Syslog Level Indicates what kind of message will send to syslog server. Possible modes are:
  • Info: Send information, warnings, and errors.
  • Warning: Send warnings and errors.
  • Error: Send errors only.
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