This page allows you to configure the TACACS+ servers.

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Object Description
Global Configuration
Timeout Timeout is the number of seconds (1 – 1000) to wait for a reply from a TACACS+ server before it is considered to be dead.
Deadtime Deadtime (0 – 1440 minutes) is the period during which the switch will not send new requests to a server that has failed to respond to a previous request. This will stop the switch from continually trying to contact a server that it has already determined as dead.

Setting the Deadtime to a value greater than 0 (zero) will enable this feature, but only if more than one server has been configured.

Key The secret key (up to 63 characters) shared between the TACACS+ server and the switch.
Server Configuration
Delete To delete a TACACS+ server entry, check this box. The entry will be deleted during the next Save.
Hostname The IP address or hostname of the TACACS+ server.
Port The TCP port to use on the TACACS+ server for authentication.
Timeout This optional setting overrides the global timeout value. Leaving it blank will use the global timeout value.
Key This optional setting overrides the global key. Leaving it blank will use the global key.
../_Common/../Graphics/add_new_server.png Add a new server. Up to five servers are supported.
../_Common/../Graphics/delete.png Undo the addition of the new entry or server.
../_Common/../Graphics/save_new.png Save changes.
../_Common/../Graphics/reset_new.png Undo any changes and revert to previously saved values.