Click Start to run the diagnostics. This will take approximately five seconds. If all ports are selected, this can take approximately 15 seconds. When completed, the page refreshes automatically, and you can view the cable diagnostics results in the cable status table. Note that VeriPHY is only accurate for cables of length 7 – 140 meters.

10 and 100 Mbps ports will be linked down while running VeriPHY. Therefore, running VeriPHY on a 10 or 100 Mbps management port will cause the switch to stop responding until VeriPHY is complete.

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Object Description
Port The port where you are requesting VeriPHY Cable Diagnostics.
Cable Status
  • Port: Port number.
  • Pair: The status of the cable pair.
    • OK - Correctly terminated pair
    • Open - Open pair
    • Short - Shorted pair
    • Short A - Cross-pair short to pair A
    • Short B - Cross-pair short to pair B
    • Short C - Cross-pair short to pair C
    • Short D - Cross-pair short to pair D
    • Cross A - Abnormal cross-pair coupling with pair A
    • Cross B - Abnormal cross-pair coupling with pair B
    • Cross C - Abnormal cross-pair coupling with pair C
    • Cross D - Abnormal cross-pair coupling with pair D
  • Length: The length (in meters) of the cable pair. The resolution is 3 meters
../_Common/../Graphics/start.png Start transmitting ICMP packets.
../_Common/../Graphics/new_ping.png Re-start diagnostics with PING.