IGMP Snooping - VLAN Configuration

Each page shows up to 99 entries from the VLAN (Virtual LAN) table, default being 20, selected through the entries per page input field. When first visited, the web page will show the first 20 entries from the beginning of the VLAN Table. The first displayed will be the one with the lowest VLAN ID found in the VLAN Table.

The VLAN input field allows you to select the starting point in the VLAN Table.

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Object Description
Delete Check to delete the entry. The designated entry will be deleted during the next save.
VLAN ID The VLAN ID of the entry.
IGMP Snooping Enabled Enable the per-VLAN IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) Snooping. Up to 32 VLANs can be selected for IGMP Snooping.
Querier Election Enable to join IGMP Querier election in the VLAN. Disable to act as an IGMP Non-Querier.
Querier Address Define the IPv4 address as source address used in IP header for IGMP Querier election.

When the Querier address is not set, system uses IPv4 management address of the IP interface associated with this VLAN.

When the IPv4 management address is not set, system uses the first available IPv4 management address.

Otherwise, system uses a pre-defined value. By default, this value will be

Compatibility Compatibility is maintained by hosts and routers taking appropriate actions depending on the versions of IGMP operating on hosts and routers within a network.

The allowed selection is IGMP-Auto, Forced IGMPv1, Forced IGMPv2, Forced IGMPv3, default compatibility value is IGMP-Auto.

PRI Priority of Interface. It indicates the IGMP control frame priority level generated by the system. These values can be used to prioritize different classes of traffic.

The allowed range is 0 (best effort) to 7 (highest). Default interface priority value is 0.

RV Robustness Variable. Allows tuning for the expected packet loss on a network. Valid values are 1 – 255. Default is 2.
QI Query Interval. The Query Interval is the interval between General Queries sent by the Querier.

Valid values are 1 – 31744 seconds. Default is 125 seconds.

QRI Query Response Interval. It is used to calculate the Maximum Response Code inserted into the periodic General Queries.

Valid values are 0 – 31744 in tenths of seconds. Default is 100 in tenths of seconds (10 seconds).

LLQI(LMQI for IGMP) Last Member Query Interval. The time value represented by the Last Member Query Interval, multiplied by the Last Member Query Count.

Valid values are 0 – 31744 in tenths of seconds. Default is 10 in tenths of seconds (1 second).

URI Unsolicited Report Interval. The time between repetitions of a host's initial report of membership in a group.

Valid values are 0 – 31744 seconds. Default is 1 second.

../_Common/../Graphics/refresh.png Refresh the page immediately. Any non-committed changes will be lost.
../_Common/../Graphics/update-table-first-entry.png Update the table starting from the first entry in the table.
../_Common/../Graphics/update-table-ending-last-entry.png Update the table starting with the entry after the last entry currently displayed.
../_Common/../Graphics/add_new_igmp_vlan.png Add a new IGMP VLAN. Specify the VID and configure the new entry. The specific IGMP VLAN starts working after the corresponding static VLAN is also created.
../_Common/../Graphics/save_new.png Save changes.
../_Common/../Graphics/reset_new.png Undo any changes and revert to previously saved values.