VLANs Membership

Each page shows up to 99 entries from the VLAN (Virtual LAN) table (default being 20), selected through the entries per page input field. When first visited, the web page will show the first 20 entries from the beginning of the VLAN Table. The first displayed will be the one with the lowest VLAN ID found in the VLAN Table.
The VLAN input field allows you to select the starting point in the VLAN Table.

Clicking the Refresh button will update the displayed table starting from that or the closest next VLAN Table match.

The ../Graphics/update-table-ending-last-entry.png will use the last entry of the currently displayed VLAN entry as a basis for the next lookup. When the end is reached, No data exists for the selected user shows in the table. Use the ../Graphics/update-table-first-entry.png button to start over.

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Object Description
VLAN User Various internal software modules may use VLAN services to configure VLAN memberships on the fly.
The drop-down list on the right allows for selecting between showing VLAN memberships as configured by an administrator (Admin) or as configured by one of these internal software modules.
The "Combined" entry will show a combination of the administrator and internal software modules configuration, and basically reflects what is actually configured in hardware.
VLAN ID VLAN ID for which the Port members are displayed.
Port Members A row of check boxes for each port is displayed for each VLAN ID.

port displays if a port is included in a VLAN.

forbid displays if a port is in the forbidden port list or if a port is in the forbidden port list and at the same time attempted included in the VLAN. In this case, the port will not be a member of the VLAN.

../_Common/../Graphics/combined.png Select VLAN users from this drop-down list.
../_Common/../Graphics/auto_refresh.png Refresh the page automatically every three seconds.
../_Common/../Graphics/refresh.png Refresh the page immediately. Any non-committed changes will be lost.