Configure VOICE VLAN OUI table on this page. The maximum number of entries is 16. Modifying the OUI table will restart auto detection of OUI process.

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Object Description
Delete Check to delete the entry. It will be deleted during the next save.
Telephony OUI A telephony OUI address is a globally unique identifier assigned to a vendor by IEEE. It must be six characters long and the input format is “xx-xx-xx” (x is a hexadecimal digit).
Description The description of OUI address. Normally, it describes which vendor telephony device it belongs to. Valid string length is 0 – 32.
../_Common/../Graphics/add_new_entry.png Add a new entry.
../_Common/../Graphics/save_new.png Save changes.
../_Common/../Graphics/reset_new.png Undo any changes and revert to previously saved values.