Configuring ERPS on Switch 1

  1. From the web browser, navigate to Configuration > ERPS.
  2. Click Add New Protection Group and configure the ERPS (Ethernet Ring Protection Switching) as shown below.
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    ERPS 1 on Switch 1
  3. Edit ERPS1 by clicking 1 under the ERPS ID column.
  4. Set the configuration as follows:
    1. Set the RPL Role to RPL_Owner on Port1.


      This creates a protected link between switches 1 and 2.
    2. Click the VLAN Config link in the Instance Configuration table to add or edit the protected VLAN (Virtual LAN) (VLAN ID = 1).
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      Adding the Protected VLAN
    3. Click ../Graphics/save_small.png.
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    Configuring ERPS 1
  5. Click ../Graphics/save_small.png.
Return to the MEP configuration page. The MEP table for switch 1 should now show green alarms.