Verifying ERPS

  1. Check the link status by navigating to Configuration > ERPS.
  2. Select the ERPS (Ethernet Ring Protection Switching) number and verifty that the Protection State displays Idle (meaning the link is up and working as expected).
  3. Select ../Graphics/auto_refresh.png and then click ../Graphics/save_small.png.
    This ensures the ERPS page automatically refreshes after the WTR (Wait to Restore) timer ends later in this process.
  4. Disconnect the cable from switch 1 to switch 3 so the link goes down.
  5. Return to the web browser and verify that the Protection State now displays Protected.
  6. Restore the normal link for switch 1 and switch 3.
  7. Verify the Protection State displays Pending until the WTR (Wait to Restore) timer expires.
    When the page refreshes, the Protection State should return to Idle. If it does not, see Getting Help to submit a support ticket, as something else is causing ERPS to fail.