Defects Closed With Code Changes

The following defects were closed with code changes in this release of the software.

Parent Defect ID: NPB-5721 Issue ID: NPB-5721
Severity: S3 - Moderate
Product: NPB Reported in Release: NPB
Symptom: When gNMI call for deleted entry is sent till "<path>/config" the attribute under it will be deleted in config DB but will not be able to process all attributes inside "<path>/config" in respective microservice and will see not proper updated to State DB.

for example :

+--rw interfaces

+--rw interface* [name]

+--rw oc-lag:aggregation

+--rw oc-lag:config

+--rw oc-lag:lag-type? aggregation-type

+--rw oc-lag:min-links? uint16

+--rw extr-lag-ext:lag-load-balance-method?


so in above path user just delete path = "/interfaces/interface[name=<port-channel*>]/aggregation/config" here we have multiple attributes so it won't work properly. if the user provides a full path to the attribute it will work properly.

i.e "/interfaces/interface[name=<port-channel-*>]/aggregation/config/min-links"