Installing a Summit Port Option Card

You need the following tools and equipment to install a Summit option card:
  • ESD-preventive wrist strap

  • # 1 Phillips screwdriver

  • Straight-tip screwdriver for the XGM3-2sf option card



Be sure that proper ESD controls are in use before switch maintenance is performed. This includes but is not limited to wrist straps that are grounded to the switch chassis and earth grounds.

Pluggable optical modules can become very hot after prolonged use. Take care when removing a pluggable optical module from the option card. If the pluggable optical module is too hot to touch, disengage the module and allow it to cool before removing it completely.

Summit port option cards are not hot-swappable. Disconnect power to the switch before installing or removing any option card. After the Summit port option card is installed in a compatible switch, you can hot-swap the pluggable optical modules. Use only optical modules approved by Extreme Networks.