Installing XGM and XGM2 Series Port Option Cards

All Summit XGM and XGM2 series port option cards are installed the same way. The instructions in this section apply to all option cards for the Summit X350, X450a, and X450e series switches.

To install a Summit XGM or XGM2 series port option card:

  1. Disconnect the AC power and any redundant power supply from the Summit switch.
  2. Attach an ESD-preventive wrist strap to your bare wrist and connect the metal end to an appropriate ground point on the equipment rack.
  3. Remove the screws holding the filler panel over the option slot on the back of the switch (see the figure below).
  4. Remove the filler panel and set it aside.
    1. Save the screws for re-use.
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      Option Slot Filler Panel
  5. Align the sheet metal edges on the option card with the card guides in the switch housing.
  6. Carefully slide the option card into the switch housing until the connectors engage and the card is flush with the back panel of the switch.
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    Installing a Summit Port Option Card (XGM-2xn Shown)
  7. Using the screws from the cover plate, secure the option card to the back panel of the switch.

If you install only one pluggable optical module in the Summit option card, attach the appropriate cover plate or dust cover over the remaining open optical module slot or cage.



Be sure that the switch option slot always has either an installed Summit option card or a faceplate over the opening. An open slot could divert air from the switch and cause overheating.

For information about installing or replacing the pluggable optical modules in the Summit option card, refer to the Extreme Networks Pluggable Transceivers Installation Guide.