VIM1-SummitStack Versatile Interface Module

The VIM1-SummitStack versatile interface module provides four cages for installed 1000-BASE SFP optical modules.

These ports (numbered 25 through 28) function the same as the front-panel ports. For a complete list of supported SFPs, refer to the most recent version of the Extreme Hardware/Software Compatibility and Recommendation Matrices.

The VIM1-SummitStack module also provides two high-performance stacking ports that allow you to combine multiple units into a single SummitStack management entity. The VIM1-SummitStack module is the default VIM1 module shipped with the base Summit X650 platform. Ports 23 and 24 of the front panel are shared with the two rear-panel stacking ports on the VIM1-SummitStack module.

By default, stacking is not enabled on the switch, and all 24 front-panel ports are available. When stacking is enabled, the switch provides access to 22 10GBASE ports and 2 stacking ports. For more information about configuring and operating a SummitStack configuration, refer to Building Stacks.
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VIM1-SummitStack Versatile Interface Module