VIM4-40G4X Versatile Interface Module for the Summit X670 Switch

The rear panel of the Summit X670 switch provides a slot for an optional VIM4-40G4X versatile interface module.

The VIM4-40G4X module (see VIM4-40G4X Versatile Interface Module) provides four unpopulated cages for QSFP+ optical modules or QSFP+ compatible active or passive cables.

Each physical port can be configured to operate as a single 40-Gbps port or as four 10-Gbps ports. When the port operates in 40-Gbps mode, you can connect the port using either a QSFP+ direct-attach cable or an installed QSFP+ module and compatible fiber optic cable. When the port is configured to operate in 10-Gbps mode, you must connect it using a special 1-to-4 fan-out cable.

Ports S3 and S4 are used for native V160 stacking for Summit X670V switches. Ports S1, S2, S3, and S4 are used for native V320 stacking. In either stacking mode, the ExtremeXOS operating system enables these ports automatically. The output of the show ports command shows these ports as follows:
  • Port S1 displays as port 49.
  • Port S2 displays as port 53.
  • Port S3 displays as port 57.
  • Port S4 displays as port 61.

The VIM4-40G4X module requires ExtremeXOS 12.6.1 software (or later) installed on the X670 switch.

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VIM4-40G4X Versatile Interface Module
1 = QSFP+ port 2 = Port LEDs

For more information, see Summit X670 Stacking.