XGM3-2sf Port Option Card

The XGM3-2sf option card allows you to add one or two 10-gigabit SFP+ optical ports to slot A on the rear panel of a Summit X460 series switch.



Option cards are not hot swappable. You must power down the switch before installing or removing option cards.

The XGM3-2sf option card supports SFP+ optical modules and the SFP+ direct-attach passive copper cable.

The ports on the XGM3-2sf option card can be configured as alternate stacking ports in a SummitStack configuration that uses the SummitStack-V feature. For more information about stacking Summit switches, see Building Stacks.

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XGM3-2sf Option Card

For current information about compatible SFP+ modules and the minimum required software, refer to the most recent version of the Extreme Hardware/Software Compatibility and Recommendation Matrices.

For more information about SFP+ modules, refer to the Extreme Networks Pluggable Transceivers Installation Guide.