EPS-500 External Power Supply Unit

The Extreme Networks EPS-500 External Power Supply Unit (Model 10911) provides additional power to compatible PoE (Power over Ethernet) switches and other Extreme switches. You can use the EPS-500 power supply as a redundant power supply with the following Extreme Networks switches:

The EPS-500 power supply provides up to 500 W of total power and up to 375 W of power dedicated to PoE applications. When this power supply is used with one of the listed Summit switches, the internal and external power supplies are fully fault tolerant and load-sharing. If one power supply fails, the other power supply will provide sufficient power to operate the switch.

The front of the EPS-500 has a green LED to indicate operating status as shown in the following table.
Power LED Meaning
Green, solid The external power supply is operating normally.
Off The external power supply is not connected.


An AC power input cord is not provided; you can order an appropriate cord from Extreme Networks or from your local supplier. The power cord must meet the requirements listed in Power Cord Requirements for AC-Powered Switches and AC Power Supplies.

Each EPS-500 power supply is shipped with a special redundant power supply cord.

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EPS-500 Redundant Power Cord Connector