EPS-LD External Power Supply Unit

You can use the Extreme Networks EPS-LD External Power Supply Unit (Model 45019) as a redundant power supply with the following Extreme Networks switches:

When attached to the Summit X450e-24p switch, the EPS-LD provides 465 W total power with 375 W dedicated for PoE (Power over Ethernet) applications.

The front of the EPS-LD has a green LED to indicate operating status as shown in the following table:
Power LED Meaning
Green, solid The external power supply is operating normally.
Off The external power supply is not connected.


An AC power input cord is not provided; you can order an appropriate cord from Extreme Networks or from your local supplier. The power cord must meet the requirements listed in Power Cord Requirements for AC-Powered Switches and AC Power Supplies.
Each EPS-160 power supply is shipped with a special redundant power supply cord.
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EPS-LD Redundant Power Cord Connector