Power Supplies for Use with Summit Switches

Many Summit switches are shipped with an internal power supply that supplies all of the power needed for most switch operation. The internal power supply is fixed on some models and replaceable on other models. (See Replaceable Internal Power Supplies for Summit Switches.)

Other switches, such as the X450-G2 and the X460-G2, require power supplies to be ordered separately.

An optional redundant power supply can be added to most models to protect against a power supply failure and to provide increased support for PoE (Power over Ethernet) operation on applicable switches.

The following Summit switches use external power supplies for redundancy:
  • Summit X150
  • Summit X250e
  • Summit X350
  • Summit X440
  • Summit X450
  • Summit X450a
  • Summit X450e
  • Summit X450-G2 (non-PoE models)
The following switches provide power redundancy by installing a second replaceable power supply:
  • Summit X450-G2 (PoE models)
  • Summit X460
  • Summit X460-G2
  • Summit X480
  • Summit X650
  • Summit X670
  • Summit X670-G2
  • Summit X770