Disconnect the EPS-C/EPS-600LS

To manually disconnect an EPS-C or to remove the EPS-600LS modules, the recommended practice is to disconnect the EPS-600LS modules one at a time, pausing two seconds after each EPS-600LS disconnect.

This enables a graceful power transition from the external power supplies to the internal power supply.

Example: Two active EPS-600LS modules in an EPS-C

  1. Unplug one EPS-600LS unit from its power source.

    PoE (Power over Ethernet) power is automatically reduced to 370 watts and the internal switch power supply is enabled, providing redundant 370 watt PoE power.

  2. Wait at least two seconds before disconnecting the remaining EPS-600LS unit.
  3. Unplug the second EPS-600LS unit from its power source.

    The internal power supply is already enabled and provides uninterrupted 370 watts of PoE power.



    After an EPS-600LS unit is disconnected from its power source, it may be removed from the EPS-C. See Removing an EPS-600LS Power Module for disconnection and removal instructions.

  4. Disconnect the EPS-C from the switch.