Replacing a Stacking Module or Option Card in Slot B of a Summit X460 Series Switch

Slot B on the back of a Summit X460 series switch accommodates a SummitStack or a SummitStack-V80 stacking module, or an XGM3SB-4sf port option card. The replacement process is the same for either of these options.

You need the following tools to replace a stacking module:
  • ESD-preventive wrist strap
  • Screwdriver

To replace a stacking module or option card in Slot B:

  1. Attach an ESD-preventive wrist strap to your wrist and connect the metal end to an appropriate ground point on the rack.
  2. Completely loosen the captive retaining screws and slide the installed option card or stacking module out of the switch.
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    Removing a SummitStack Module
  3. Carefully slide the replacement module or card into the switch (see Installing a SummitStack Module).
  4. Align and tighten the captive retaining screws.
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    Installing a SummitStack Module