Connecting the Switches to Form the Stack Ring

After you have installed the individual switches, connect them together using the stacking cables.

The examples in this section show cable connections and the recommended order for connecting ports to facilitate the easy setup configuration.

In general, it is best to connect Stack Port 2 on one switch to Stack Port 1 on the switch with the next higher slot number. Although you can connect the switches in any order, connecting them as shown in these examples will produce better predictability and easier software configuration.

It is essential to create an unbroken data path through all the switches in the stack.


The connection recommendations in this section do not apply to Summit X650 series switches with installed VIM1-SummitStack512 modules. For information about connecting the ports on the VIM1-SummitStack512 modules, see Using the VIM1-SummitStack512 Module.

For instructions to connect specific types of stacking cables, see Connecting Stacking Cables.