Summit X650 Stacking

For Summit X650 native stacking, install VIM1 or VIM3 versatile interface module (VIM) into the rear of the switch. Link speeds and cable types vary depending on which VIM you selected. See Versatile Interface Modules for the Summit X650 Series Switches for more information about the VIMs supported.

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Stacking Methods for X650 Switches

Stacking Method Speed per Link (HDX) Cable Type and Lengths

(with VIM1 module)

varies varies

(with VIM3-40G4X)

40 Gbps 0.5m–100m

QSFP+ only

The VIM1-SummitStack256/512 modules require a non-standard stacking cable.

Other SummitStack ports require standard SummitStack cables.

For a complete listing of compatible cables and optical transceivers, see the Extreme Hardware/Software Compatibility and Recommendation Matrices.



When using native stacking on an X650 switch, data ports 23 and 24 do not function.