Connecting a SummitStack 64G Stacking Cable

SummitStack 64G cables are used to connect the 64-Gbps stacking ports on the VIM2-SummitStack128 module in Summit X480 series switches.

Because of the weight of the SummitStack 64G cable, Extreme Networks strongly recommends the use of cable management hardware to support the cables and provide strain relief at the connectors. The following figures show representative types of cable management hardware. Your particular rack configuration may require other cable management solutions.

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Cable Management Using a J-Shaped Support Bracket
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Cable Management Using Tie-Wraps and Stand-Offs

Follow these steps to connect a SummitStack 64G cable:

  1. Holding the cable connector with the release tab on top, align the connector with the stacking port on the VIM2 module in the Summit X480 series switch (see Connecting a SummitStack 64G Cable).
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    Connecting a SummitStack 64G Cable
  2. Firmly press the cable connector into the stacking port until the spring latch on top of the connector clicks into place.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to connect the other end of the cable.