Port Covers on the VIM1-SummitStack512 Module

On the VIM1-SummitStack512 module, EMI-protective covers are installed over the port connectors.

Before connecting the stacking cables, remove the connector covers from the ports that will be used.

To remove a connector cover:

  1. On the side of the connector nearest to the inserter/ejector lever, find the notch between the two end tabs on the cover (see Removing a Connector Cover).
  2. At the notch, set a small flat-blade screwdriver firmly against the connector housing.
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    Removing a Connector Cover
  3. Brace the screwdriver against the module inserter/ejector lever and pry the end of the connector cover loose.
  4. Slide the cover off the connector.


    Store the connector covers for later re-use if the switch will be operated without connecting these ports.



    To ensure satisfactory protection from EMI, leave the covers on all ports that are not connected to another VIM1-SummitStack512 module.