Attaching the DC Wiring Harness to the DC Power Socket on the Switch

After the DC wiring harness has been connected to a permanent DC voltage source by a qualified, licensed electrician (see Connecting the X250e or X450a DC Wiring Harness to the DC Source Voltage), you can remove, replace, and maintain a Summit DC-powered switch without further assistance from an electrician. Always be sure, however, that the DC circuit is de-energized before you connect or disconnect the DC power connections at the rear of the switch.



Be sure that proper ESD controls are in use before switch maintenance is performed. This includes but is not limited to wrist straps that are grounded to the switch chassis and earth grounds.

To attach the DC wiring harness to the internal DC power supply, follow these steps:

  1. Plug the DC wiring harness connector into the DC power supply socket on the rear of the switch (see DC Power Socket on a DC-Powered Switch (Summit X450a Shown)).

    The pins must align properly for the cable to completely connect. Do not force the cable into the socket until the keyway is aligned properly. Three-wire Cable Harness shows the DC wiring harness connector.

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    DC Power Socket on a DC-Powered Switch (Summit X450a Shown)


    The figure shows the rear panel of a Summit X450a DC-powered switch. Although the rear panels of other Summit DC-powered switches might vary slightly, the DC power socket is of the same type and the connection process is the same.
  2. Tighten the retainer nut on the connector until it is finger-tight.
  3. Energize the DC circuit.
The switch ports can now be connected to other switches or routers. See Connecting Network Interface Cables.