Installing Summit Switches in Desktop or Free-Standing Mode

Before you begin the installation, refer to Pre-installation Requirements.

Summit family switches are supplied with four self-adhesive rubber pads for desktop mounting.

The pads keep the switch from scratching the supporting surface and help ensure adequate airflow around the switches when they are mounted on top of one another.

For all Summit switches other than the X430-8p, you can safely place up to four switches on top of one another.


Do not place any equipment on top of a desktop-mounted Summit X430-8p switch.

To mount your Summit switches on a desktop (or any firm, flat surface), follow these steps:

  1. Carefully separate the four included rubber pads for each switch you are mounting.
  2. Apply the pads to the underside of each device by placing a pad in the marked area at each corner of the switch, ensuring that all corners are aligned.
    See Applying the Rubber Pads to the Underside Corners of a Summit Switch.
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    Applying the Rubber Pads to the Underside Corners of a Summit Switch
  3. Connect the power cables.

    For AC-powered units, connect the power cable to the AC power connector on the back of the switch. Then connect the power cable to an AC power socket.

    For DC-powered units, see Connecting DC-Powered Switches to a Power Source.

  4. Connect the switch to the external (redundant) power supply, if applicable. For instructions to install and connect external power supplies, see Installing Summit External Power Supplies.

To install optional pluggable transceivers, such as SFP and SFP+ optical devices, refer to the installation instructions in the Extreme Networks Pluggable Transceivers Installation Guide.