Summit X450a-24t Switch Ports and Slots

The front panel of the Summit X450a-24t switch includes:

The rear panel of the Summit X450a-24t switch (Summit X450a-24t Switch Rear Panel) includes:
  • Slot for one of the Summit option cards listed in the following table. These port option cards allow you to add one or two high-speed uplink ports to the switch.
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    Port Option Cards for Summit X450a Series Switches

    Option Card Model Type of Added Ports For More Information
    XGM2-2xn option card 10-gigabit XENPAK modules Summit XGM2-2xn Option Card
    XGM2-2xf option card 10-gigabit XFP modules Summit XGM2-2xf Option Card
    XGM2-2sf option card 10-gigabit SFP+ modules Summit XGM2-2sf Option Card
    XGM2-2bt option card Fixed 10GBASE-T copper Summit XGM2-2bt Option Card
  • Management port with associated LEDs.

  • Two high-performance stacking ports with associated LEDs.

  • Redundant power input connector for optional connection to one of the following redundant power supplies:
  • AC power input socket

    The internal power supply operates from 100 VAC to 240 VAC.

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Summit X450a-24t Switch Rear Panel