External Power Supplies

The EPS-600LS External Power Module provides optional redundant power for the Summit X250e-48p switch.

Through the redundant power input connector on the rear panel, the switch can be powered by one, two, or three external power modules installed in the EPS-C External Power Supply Chassis.

The PoE capability of the Summit X250e-48p varies depending on the number of external power modules in use. The following table summarizes the PoE power behavior for the Summit X250e-48p switch based on the number of power supply modules in use.
Internal Power Supply Status EPS-600LS (1x) EPS-600LS (2x) EPS-600LS (3x) External Power Supply/Chassis Failed/Disconnected
Internal power supply:

Power on

370 W of redundant power 740 W of external power only; internal power supply disabled 740 W of external power only with 2:1 redundancy; internal power supply disabled 370 W of internal power only
Internal power supply:

Power Failure

370 W of external power only 740 W of external power only 740 W of external power only with 2:1 redundancy No PoE power

For specifications and installation instructions for the external power module, see EPS-600LS External Power Module.