ExtremeSwitching X440-G2 10 Gigabit Port Licensing

ExtremeSwitching X440-G2 10 Gigabit model switches require a license to upgrade the four SFP+ 1GbE ports to 10G:


SFP+ ports that can be used as stack ports after enabling stacking-support do not require a license to operate as stack ports.

The following table summarizes the specific ports licensed with each license type along with the ports that can be used as stack ports without any license.

Table 1. ExtremeSwitching X440-G2 10G Port Licensing
Model Dual License Quad License Convert to Stack Port (No License Required)




51–52 49–52 49–50





25–26 25–28 27–28



13–14 13–16 15–16

These licenses take effect immediately after successful installation. No reboot is required to activate the installed license. Following successful installation of the license, 10G speed is supported on these ports. Ports with 10G optics installed are re-enabled at 10G speed and ports without optics are defaulted to 10G speed.

Without a license installed, these ports are set at 1G, autonegotiation enabled, and cannot be configured for 10G.

In a stack, a 10G upgrade license must be applied to each node in the stack for which 10G capability is required on the individual node‘s non-stack 10G ports. There is no requirement to match or install any 10G licenses on master-capable nodes.

For example, consider a stack of three nodes, all 10G-capable X440-G2 models with slot-1 as master, slot-2 as backup, and slot-3 as standby, and not master-capable. In this stack, you only require the 10G capability on the standby slot-3, non-stack 10G ports. In this case, a Dual 10G upgrade license should be installed on slot-3. Slots 1 and 2 do not require any license. Note also that a Quad 10G license can be used in this configuration, but adds no extra capability since the two stacking capable 10G ports are used as stack ports.