RESTCONF Root Resource

RFC 8040 requires that RESTCONF interfaces have a common URL as the root URL. When first connecting to a RESTCONF server, a RESTCONF client must determine the root of the RESTCONF API. To support data integrity and confidentiality, RESTCONF requires HTTPS. The root resource for RESTCONF is:


This is determined by sending the following GET request to the RESTCONF server:

GET /.well-known/host-meta HTTP/1.1
Host: <Device_IP_Address>
Accept: application/xrd+xml

The server responds as follows:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/xrd+xml
Content-Length: nnn

<XRD xmlns=''>
     <Link rel='restconf' href='/rest/restconf'/>


The datastore is represented by a node named data. All methods are supported on data.