Making Your First API Call

This sample API call demonstrates how to read a specific WLAN configuration test-1 within the cfg resource.

  1. Download cURL for your environment.


    If you use Windows, use a Bash shell to make cURL calls.
  2. Log in to the REST API server using valid management user credentials.


    You must forward the auth_token as a cookie with each API call.
  3. Use the GET method to access the cfg resource and fetch the specific WLAN configuration.

    Sample Request

    curl -X GET --cookie auth_token=$cookie

    Sample Response (200 OK)

    	"aaa_policy": "",        
    		"host": "",            
    		"mac_case": "upper",            
    		"mac_format": "pair-hyphen",            
    		"port": 514,            
    		"proxy_mode": "none"        
    	},        ..............        
    	"wpa_wpa2_psk": "Z+eRSxI9kwENQ6svDyOBawAAAC58Tyzp/
    	"wpa_wpa2_tkip_cntrmeas_hold_time": 60,        
    "return_code": 0
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    Response Definitions

    Response Item Description Data Type
    aaa_policy The AAA policy name String (1 to 32 characters)
    accounting_radius A flag to enable/disable support for RADIUS accounting messages Boolean
    accounting_syslog Configuration of Syslog accounting messages Object
    enable A flag to enable/disable support for Syslog accounting messages Boolean
    host Syslog destination host name or IP address for accounting records String
    mac_case The case in which the MAC address is to be specified. Default is upper case. Enumeration [lower,upper]
    mac_format The format in which the MAC address must be filled in the syslog messages. Default is pair-hyphen. Enumeration [no-delim, air-hyphen, quad-dot, middle-hyphen]
    port UDP port number of the Syslog server Integer (1 to 65535, default is 514)
    proxy_mode Specifies whether the request is transmitted directly to the server or proxied through the controller or the RF Domain Manager. Default is none. Enumeration [none, through-controller, through-rf-domain-manager]
    wpa_wpa2_handshake_timeout The timeout (in milliseconds) on a handshake message, before it is retried Integer (10 to 5000)
    wpa_wpa2_opmk_caching A flag to enable/disable the use of Opportunistic Key Caching (same PMK across APs for fast roaming with 802.1X EAP) Boolean
    wpa_wpa2_pmk_caching A flag to enable/disable the use of cached pairwise master keys (fast roaming with 802.1X EAP) Boolean
    wpa_wpa2_preauthentication A flag to enable/disable the use of preauthentication (802.11i fast roaming) Boolean
    wpa_wpa2_psk Pre-shared key String (8 to 63 characters)
    wpa_wpa2_tkip_cntrmeas_hold_time The amount of time (in seconds) for which a WLAN is disabled when TKIP countermeasures are invoked Integer (0 to 65535, default is 60)
    wpa_wpa2_use_sha256 A flag to enable/disable use of SHA256 authentication key management Boolean
For other common WiNG API use cases, see API Usage Examples.