API Request Components

To construct a REST API request, combine the following components:

Component Description
The HTTP method
  • GET: Return data from the server
  • DELETE: Delete a resource from the server
  • POST: Create a new resource or update an existing resource on the server
  • PUT: Create or update a resource on the server
Note: The WiNG REST API implements the POST and PUT methods in the same manner.
The base URL of the API http(s)://WiNG_host_name_or_IP_address/rest
The URI to the resource The resource to create, update, query, or delete. For example, /v1/stats/wireless/clients.
Path parameters These variables are part of the full URL path and are used to point to a specific resource within a collection. For example, /v1/cfg/wlan/{test}, where {test} is the path parameter and points to the specific WLAN{test}within the cfg resource. Substitute the path parameters with your actual values when you construct your API request.
HTTP request headers The following HTTP headers are supported:
  • Accept: Required for operations with a response body, syntax is Accept: application/json.
  • Content-Type: Required for operations with a request body, syntax is Content-Type: application/json.
  • Authorization: Required to get an access token or make API calls.
JSON request body Required for most POST and PUT requests.